Our Services

The journey that your student will take with Teen LAUNCH can begin anytime in high school — as early as the beginning of freshman year or as late as second semester of junior year. We offer support to both parents and students throughout the college preparation process in a variety of formats, from webinars to live, small-group gatherings, to private meetings.


the path to college members’ circle

Get individualized guidance and easy-to-follow action steps for a successful application and a fulfilling transition to college. Every month, we'll send you a brief set of self-assessment questions centered on one college-admissions topic. We’ll use your answers to then send you a personalized set of suggestions for your next steps, keeping your student on track for a successful fall of senior year.

LAUNCH to College: Individual assessment meetings

Schedule a session with Nick and Kristine for you and your student to strategize a personalized, multi-semester college-prep plan — while maintaining healthy, productive communication in your household.



Carve Your Own Path: Summer College Application intensive

The Carve Your Own Path program is a college preparation experience like none other. It will profoundly change the way your teenager approaches applications and planning for life after graduation. Be a part of this one-of-a-kind, interactive experience designed for high school students working toward the college of their dreams.