The Path to College Members' Circle

Now is the time to design your future.

Get individualized guidance and easy-to-follow action steps for a successful application and a fulfilling transition to college.

Here's how it works:




Every month, we'll send you a brief set of self-assessment questions that will help you clarify each stage of the college preparation process. We'll have one primary topic each month, whether it's about how to afford college, ace the college entrance exams, or write a stand-out personal statement.



After we receive your responses, we'll send you a personalized set of suggestions for your next steps, resources for completing those steps, and follow-up questions that will help you fine-tune everything from your list of schools to the content you choose for your college essays and interviews with admissions.

Click here to view a sample student response.


TAKE ACTION — with our support

Once the path is clear, and you know how and when you'll take each step, getting the momentum going is easy. The Teen LAUNCH program is designed to make sure that you stay well out in front of all your application tasks, so that when fall of senior year comes along, you're ahead of the pack!


Freshmen & Sophomores will succeed when you take time to lay a path for success.

Junior year is when you need to get the planning process fully off the ground!

Summer before senior year is when application work must be in full motion: finalizing your college list, visiting, connecting with college reps, writing your personal statement.

By fall of senior year, all of your remaining application tasks will be lined up so that you can knock 'em down —
all while having your best semester ever of high school!

It’s time to take YOUR next step! Get started now!