Carve Your Own Path:
College Application Intensive

Prepare to Create the Life You Truly Want

Enhance your journey toward your ideal college with Teen LAUNCH’s one-of-a-kind workshop for soon-to-be high school seniors.

Carve Your Own Path is a small-group, interactive program designed to equip students with core components of their application, while inspiring them to connect their college plan to a fulfilling and successful future.


By participating in this workshop, your student will walk away with...

  • A completed draft of their personal statement — THE college essay that every school sees

  • A template for writing the "Why Us?" supplemental essay — your opportunity to convince admissions you're the perfect fit

  • A balanced list of target, reach, and likely colleges — to ensure that, no matter what, you'll have great options

  • A completed application — a set of basic information you'll use for every college

  • Ready-made responses to common interview questions — to convey essential information that the application can't capture

  • A week-by-week plan for fall — providing motivation and clarity for the remainder of the application process


Take a look inside
the Carve Your Own Path Program:


PART ONE: Setting Your Foundation

Understanding the College Application

Setting up a Growth Mindset; Connecting to Inspiration and Motivation

Connecting College Goals to Core Values and Life Vision


PART TWO: Telling Your Story

Creating an Outstanding Personal Statement

How to Convey Your Uniqueness to Colleges

How to Set Your Application Apart


PART THREE: Discovering Your Path

Defining Your Goals for College & What You’ll Need by Graduation

Choosing Where to Apply Based on Your Defined Goals

Completing the Essential "Why-Us" Template


PART FOUR: Launching Forward

Completing Core Elements of Your Application

How to Shine in College Interviews

Tools for Maintaining Motivation for Application Season (and Beyond)


Carve Your Own Path 2020:

Carve Your Own Path - Local Los Angeles Live Event
DATES: Saturday, June 27th - Sunday, June 28th, 2019
TIME: 10:00am - 2:00pm
COST: $699
Students attend all three days!

Carve Your Own Path - Local Los Angeles Event
DATES: Saturday, Aug. 15th - Sunday, August. 16th, 2019
TIME: 9:00am - 3:30pm (lunch provided)
COST: $699
Students attend both days!


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who may attend Carve Your Own Path?

    • Carve Your Own Path is specifically designed for rising seniors - students who are in their summer between junior and senior year.

    • In this program, we focus on everything that needs to be done before fall in order to increase chances of acceptance to an ideal college. We also create a weekly schedule for “crunch time” (i.e. the fall semester of senior year) so that your student won’t fall behind schedule!

  • How do I sign up?

    • You’ll need choose whether the virtual (online) or the in-person program in Los Angeles is the right fit for your student. Just click through the appropriate button, make payment, and you’re all set! You will receive a confirmation email from PayPal and then an email from us at Teen LAUNCH with information about how your student can prepare for the program.

  • Will this program help my student pick which colleges to apply to?

    • Yes. A key component of this program is helping your student determine what they want out of their college experience and which colleges would be a fit for them. We help them curate a list based upon the educational experience that they want and the goals that they want their college education to help them achieve.

  • How can Carve Your Own Path help my student get into college?

    • This program helps students increase their chances of acceptance by creating a higher-quality application, increasing their focus on their goals, and teaching them to maintain their motivation throughout the application process.

    • Most importantly, your student will have a higher chance of acceptance if their application stands out to college admissions. We teach your student how to enhance their applications in an honest and effective way. During the Carve Your Own Path program, we guide your student to put together writing portions (like their personal statement) in a way that best communicates who they are to colleges. Your student will then increase the chance that admissions officers will want to invite them to their school.

  • Will this workshop help my student who might not go to college?

    • Yes, this program is also an excellent option for students who are considering a gap year or another option post high school. Not only will they learn more about the application process so as to make a more educated decision, they will also be able to have full benefit from the program’s goal setting, motivation building and self-discovery processes. The core of this program is helping students create a vision for their life and guiding them toward options of how to fulfill that vision. They will also learn interview skills and other practical tools for navigating life after high school. We strongly encourage your student to join us!

  • Do you offer on-going college prep support?

    • Yes, we offer a few options for you.

    • Our Path to College Member’s Circle is a monthly subscription service that offers personalized  suggestions every month throughout your student’s journey toward college. This is an ideal service for a student in their junior year, because it breaks each important college prep topic into attainable goals and reasonable tasks. Learn more about our Member’s Circle here.

    • We also offer one-on-one assessment sessions for students who want even more hands-on approach. This also includes a parent-student agreement and monthly or weekly task scheduling leading up to college application season. Contact us to learn about how to set up an initial one-on-one meeting with Teen LAUNCH.