Summer College Checklist #6: Start Demonstrating Interest

By this point in the summer, hopefully you know the colleges topping out your list.

You know what you’re about. You know what they have to offer. So, you know why it would be a great fit.

But, do your colleges know YOU?

Over the past decade or so, as social media, data analytics, and virtual platforms like the Common App have become more influential in college admissions, so has a relatively new criterion that admissions committees look for in applicants: demonstrated interest.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, “demonstrated interest” refers to a variety of methods that prospective students can use to signal to their top-choice colleges that they’re excited about the possibility of attending.

For many colleges — particularly smaller, private liberal arts schools — demonstrated interest can appear on the application as a contact log.

In each applicant’s file, there is a screen that notes each time the student visited campus, contacted admissions, attended local events, followed a social media feed, interviewed, or joined a newslist.

Our tip: keep your own correspondence log to track all of the interactions you've had with your top-choice colleges. Make sure that you exhaust every means of getting onto their radar!

What questions can you ask that will help your admissions officer remember who you are and what you like to do when it comes time to bring your application before the committee?

We hope this is a useful primer to the Summer College Checklist! We're here to help your student feel motivated and supported as they gear up for college application season and senior year.

If you're looking for personal support with college applications, check out our summer intensive workshop Carve Your Own Path, and don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions!