Summer College Checklist #3: Create Your List of Essential Questions

How many colleges have you been to visit in the past year? How many have you researched? Heard about from friends, family, or teachers, counselors, coaches?

Once you're really in it, college exploration can often become overwhelming — in large part because of all the information you have to manage.

Even when they're putting in the time to visit and research colleges, students often make a big mistake in the process: they don't put a system in place to keep track of the important details.

When application season rolls around, it's as if they have to start again from the beginning — everything just seems to bleed together!

Our tip: create a list of 5 - 10 questions that you ask about EVERY campus you investigate. Carefully consider the qualities that are most important to your future college experience, and then formulate the most specific questions you can.

"How often do teaching assistants run classes?"
"What portion of the students go home on weekends?"
"Do you need to join the Greek system to have a healthy social life?"
"What campus-wide traditions take place during the school year?"
"On average, how much time do students typically spend on academic work outside of class?"

You will not only deepen your insights, but you'll create a framework for comparing your options, and set yourself up to write a fantastic "Why Us?" supplement later on (which we'll get to in just a few weeks!).

We hope this is a useful primer to the Summer College Checklist! We're here to help your student feel motivated and supported as they gear up for college application season and senior year.

If you're looking for personal support with college applications, check out our summer intensive workshop Carve Your Own Path, and don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions!

In the meantime, come back to the blog next week to learn about the brag sheet and why it's so valuable, despite the fact that it's often overlooked...