Class of 2020: Carve Your Own Path to College — This Summer!

Senior year is about creating a bridge between the high school and college years. Your student is nearing the peak of the high school experience and preparing to launch into the first phase of independent life.

Summer before senior year is the unofficial beginning of application season.

The way that your student spends time over summer will be a go-to topic of conversation in interviews and, quite possibly, college essays.

On-the-ball students dive into writing personal statements, filling out basic applications, balancing out their college lists, requesting letters of recommendation, and connecting with college reps.

By the time that senior year begins, your student can be completely finished with the bulk of college applications. It just takes a little planning and some concentrated effort over summer.

(Check out our recent post to get the Summer College Checklist + User's Guide!)

Students who are on the right side of the "Labor Day Divide" (those who complete their core application work by Labor Day) will be better prepared for a successful application season and  transition to college. They can focus their attention on their senior year, where it belongs — without college applications hijacking their entire fall semester.

In other words, college prep does not have to be a high-stress experience!

A high school senior's commitments will pile up after Labor Day. If they are drowning in college preparation requirements, they won't do their best, and it will not be an enjoyable experience (to say the least) for them — or for you as their parent!

So what is your role as a parent of a college-bound teenager?

Answer: making sure your student has the tools needed to stay ahead of the application process. While it can seem overwhelming, it will be manageable (and even enjoyable) with a positive mindset, adequate support, and an understanding of each step in the process.

This is what students gain during the Carve Your Own Path college application intensive.

This two-day workshop empowers students to complete the core items for their college applications.

The small-group experience of Carve Your Own Path provides accountability and a collaborative atmosphere, while guidance from knowledgeable and supportive college application professionals provides confidence and momentum as students dive into their work.

We make sure that students stay on the right side of The Labor Day Divide by tackling the Summer College Checklist together.

Here's the checklist so that you can take a look on your own. It will give you an idea of where to start now and help you decide if your student could benefit from the workshop environment to get these things completed.

We hope that your student will join this group of focused soon-to-be-seniors to prepare for a seamless fall semester — gearing up for a great senior year and beyond!

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