Why a College Application Calendar Must Begin as Junior Year Ends

The school year is coming to a close! You know that your next step is some serious college planning, but you might not feel ready to jump into that... 

...However, now is the ideal time to get your plan in motion if you want to make your effort worthwhile!

Did you know that by the time June starts, there are only 12 weeks until the start of senior year for most schools? It's no wonder that summer seems to fly right by.

Continue calculating. There are nine weeks between the beginning of school and the first college application submission deadlines (the November 1st early application date). That’s just 21 weeks from the beginning of June.

If you’re planning to apply to Cal State or University of California schools, you’ll have another five weeks to get those applications in by November 30th—about 26 weeks from the beginning of summer.

Most regular college application deadlines then fall on January 1st. That’s just over 30 weeks from the beginning of June.

Are we trying to amp up your stress? Not. At. All.

We know summer is busy for you. You need some time to recharge and go on a few adventures. Sleep in here and there. We get it.

Here is our point - and our hope for you. Don’t let summer slip by without putting a plan in place.

Clarifying for what comes next will minimize the stress of college applications. More importantly, it will set up a successful senior year. A strong finish is crucial on that application!

Summer before senior year can set the tone for the entire transition to college. Designating short blocks of time to mapping out the process can make all the difference.

“Okay,” you may be thinking, “I get that, but what does this plan look like? HOW do I plan when I have no idea what to expect in terms of the work that applications will require.”

We’ve got your back. Here are our three key recommendations:

  1. Download our free Summer Prep Planner. It lists all of the major tasks you can check off the list before senior year and how to go about working them into your family’s summer schedule.
  2. Contact us to host your very own Parent Knowledge Night! We’ll bring food, drinks, and great information on exactly what each of the tasks on the Summer College Checklist will entail, as well as pro tips on how to turn an often overlooked tool into your secret weapon for a stand-out application. All you need to do is supply the space and bring friends!
  3. Consider enrolling your student in a college application intensive this summer. It’s by far the best way to ensure your student will stay on top of their application work with confidence. Check out Teen LAUNCH’s Carve Your Own Path program as one option.