The 1 Thing Incoming Seniors MUST Know About College Prep

There's a secret to having an enjoyable, low-stress college prep process.

It's about being on the right side of the Labor Day Divide.

Students that complete the items on the Summer College Prep Checklist before Sept 5th (in the beginning of their senior year) are the ones that will avoid the confusion, frustration and stress of the school and college app workload!

It's a fact that your high school senior's workload and commitments will increase after Labor Day, so whatever he or she completes on the college application before then can make or break the experience. 

We know it may seem too early to start. We know that the college prep process can seem overwhelming. We also know that when teens get overwhelmed, many tend to ignore what they need to do instead of facing it head on.

This is the moment for your student to either face it or forget about it (letting it get worse). 

Now you know. The question is, what will you choose? 

Will your student be the one to continue the momentum and have the college applications completed early and to the best of his or her ability? Or, will they be one of the students who struggles continuously to catch up after The Labor Day Divide? 

Happy Grads.png

This could be the summer your student will remember where they built their plan for a successful college career. Your student will be thankful that you got them to do the work in time (and the best part is that they may actually have a lot of fun doing it)!

MONDAY JULY 25, 2016 IS THE DEADLINE TO SIGN UP FOR THE Carve Your Own Path Summer College Prep Program

This 3-DAY intensive helps students empower themselves to complete goals and the necessary items on the Summer Checklist - getting everything done to stay on the right side of The Labor Day Divide.

Imagine having designated time during your summer to be inspired and to reflect about the kind of future you want. Imagine the accountability by having a group of supportive college prep professionals by your side while you complete the application. Imagine kicking off senior year with the majority of your college applications finished!

Now you know it's possible. So what will you do? 

You can sign up now for Carve Your Own Path by visiting our website. Your student will join a focused group of motivated soon-to-be-seniors who will prepare for a seamless fall semester of finalizing college apps and gearing up for a great senior year and beyond.

We don't want anything to get in your student's way of starting the journey toward their ideal college experience. If the price is an obstacle, please ask us about our bring-a-friend discount.

You can respond to this email with any questions that you have about the program and the checklist of vital tasks that we help your student complete.

You and your student are ready to Carve Your Own Path! Hope to see you there!